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Study Day at Delft and Vianen (NL), including visits of the Old and New Churches at Delft, which contain amongst others the recently conserved monuments to William the Silent and admiral Maarten Tromp. Discussion of the conservation carried out. At Vianen, the principal tomb monument in the church is about to undergo a similarly important conservation campaign, which will be presented. 

Study Weekend in England (London and region of Bath), organised with the support of the Historic Houses Association.

Study Day at the castles and gardens of Benrath and Dyck, near Düsseldorf (D), with particular attention to the spectacular stuccoes, the architecture of the Century of the Enlightenment, with its characteristic appartements de commodité and bathrooms, as well as the work by the sculptor Peter Anton Verschaffelt (Gent 1710 – Mannheim 1793) in the houses and gardens.

Study Tour to Vienna Masterpieces of art and architecture in Vienna from gothic to neo-gothic, organised jointly by the Werner Oechslin Library Foundation and The Low Countries Sculpture Society, with the support of the University of Vienna and the Österreichischer Bundesdenkmalamt.